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I am all about helping people become the best they can be.  For that, I assist people in discovering their own goals not only in their area of focus e.g. business, but in all aspects of their lives, and in developing confidence in achieving these goals. Science has proven that this is the way to open our untapped potential. 

My unique approach is informed by 14 years of experience in top-notch companies including Softbank and Johnson & Johnson.  As a marketer, I worked closely with top management, led cross-functional teams, and was always passionate about “people” – developing people, organization, and leadership.  Professional coaching has been the best place to leverage these experiences.

My focus areas are in business, sports, education, and medial & healthcare. I coach not just individuals with high aspirations, but also different forms of organizations such as corporations, sports teams, NPOs, schools, hospitals, etc.


Keiko Shiine is a professional coach as well as a business professional with over 14 years of Marketing and General Management experiences*.

After graduating from one of the top U.S. MBA programs at Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, she managed world-famous global brands in multi-national companies from the U.S. and Europe.

She was always passionate about “people” – developing people, organization, and leadership.  In her mission to find the best solution to help people become the best they can be, she was fascinated by coaching and became a certified professional coach. 

The methodology she employs is cognitive science-based coaching which applies the latest technology on how the human minds work – combination of understanding of brain functions and emotion management.  Over the past three years, she assisted in transforming the lives of many clients by supporting them to find their own goals and unleash their full potential to perform their best toward their goals.  She helps people find their own goals without any reservations not only in their focus area but in all aspects of their lives, and to develop confidence in achieving these goals.  The science has proven that this is the way to unlock our untapped potential.

Keiko’s clients range from an individual to an organization of over 40,000 employees, with wide age range and geographical areas.  Her clients include individuals such as executives, business owners, business professionals, athletes, healthcare professionals, teachers, educators, sport coaches, politicians, artists, musicians, students, housewives etc., ranging in age from 10 to in 80s, and areas as geographically diverse as Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Serbia, the U.S., Canada, and Argentina.  She successfully assists them in finding vision and goals in their lives, and experiencing significantly positive and permanent changes.


Leveraging 15 years of working in corporations close to top management and leading people, Keiko is skilled at coaching organizations as well.  Her clients include corporations, sport teams, professional sport clubs, educational institutions, schools, NPOs, clinics, and hospitals, inspiring them to evolve into lively and high performing organizations toward the corporate vision. 

Her high perspective and holistic and multidisciplinary coaching style are effective in the socially, economically, and politically complex modern climate.  For instance, she can coach professional sport clubs from an organizational, business, and athletic point of view as everything originates from how human minds work.

*Please see here for Keiko’s career history

Keiko’s passion is in developing the next generation. She inspires children and their parents to see that just about anything is possible.  It is her true joy to work with youths and see their faces brighten after she interacts with them.  She believes that we all pursue our happiness through trying to reach our own goals and helping each other achieve their goals.   She is dedicated to create this circle of happiness beyond the educational system, across industries, across countries into the world.

Keiko is truly a global citizen. She has been to over 55 countries in 4 continents.  She studied in Spain, Mexico, and the U.S. and worked in the global organizations teaming with people from various functions and countries while basing in Japan and the U.S. She is willing to go anywhere to provide coaching service and is good with one-line coaching sessions as well. She enjoys working in time differences and feeling the different climates from the web screen.

Education, Certifications

  • University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business        
  • Sophia University, Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Studies           
  • Certified Tomabechi Coaching by Sir Hideto Tomabechi Personal Coaching School
  • Certified Tomabechi Corporate Coaching by Sir Hideto Tomabechi Personal Coaching School
  • Performance Enhancement Coaching by Dr. Tomabechi & Luis E. Tice (TICE Coach)

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Conduct series of personal coaching sessions over 6 months to 12 months of period to make significant changes in life. Details will be discussed.

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We can arrange programs according to your organizations’ needs.