Seminar: Introduction to Lou Tice & Dr. Tomabechi Coaching

Introduction to Coaching – Dr. Tomabechi & Lou Tice’s Coaching Method, the Most Established and Advanced Coaching in the World- “How to Create Your Own Dream Life”

Coaching tend to be seen as a communication method in business setting like training junior employees, however, its principle goes far beyond that.

Coaching helps people to find the goals/dreams of their own that they truly want to achieve and it helps people to manage their own mind in order to achieve the goals/dreams.

Human-beings need goals, high goals, to fulfill their lives.  As a result of earnestly working toward the goal/dream, people feel the richness and happiness not just physically but mentally and eventually enjoy their lives to the full.

The Lou Tice Method Combined with Cognitive Science by Dr. Hideto Tomabechi

Lou Tice, the father of coaching trained coaches in Japan in his late years by the name of The Performance Enhancement Coaching program, so called the TICE coach.  Keiko is certified TICE coach as well as directly trained by Dr. Tomabechi on personal coaching as well as corporate coaching.  Also, Keiko is an active facilitator of the PX2, the next generation educational program.

Your world starts to evolve from here

This seminar is well balanced with lecture and works that you do your own.  It will be a fun class even for those who learn about coaching for the first time.

I am sure that your world will dramatically change from the seminar room.  You will start to find what you truly want your life and your own happiness and feel energized to move toward to them immediately.

Coaching is not limited to certain genres.  It is all life.

Even if you have a certain area you want to focus, but you will find more goals/dream one after another.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find that your life is rapidly evolving.

This seminar is for those who

  • want to be successful in their own business
  • want to be go up the corporate ladder
  • want to improve their human relationships including partnership and with their family
  • want to find their true goals/dreams
  • want to be free from the life of slave to time, work, corporation etc…
  • worry about health condition
  • want to be motivated/ energized to move toward to the dreams
  • believe their lives should be so much happier!
  • want to spend richer and happier life
  • want to gain life-style that the want
  • want to know more about coaching

We will work closely in a small group


Date:                   June the 3rd 2:00pm-4:30pm                                                                                      This class will be conducted in English.

JYP 12,960 
register by May 19th JPY 10,800

Wire transfer to the Japanese bank account upon registration
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What is Dr. Tomabechi Coaching

  • It has over 40 years of outstanding accomplishments since the initiation of “coaching”.  The most established Lou Tice’s methodology is being updated and enhanced by the latest cognitive Science.  It is the authentic coaching.
  • It is not based on statistics or probability, but on science.  Hence, has high reproductivity.
  • It fully unleashes the potential of human brain.  It is not based on step-by-step approach, but stresses on big goals that go far beyond the current reality. Coach helps to make the dreams happen.
  • It makes evolutional changes to all areas of human life, not just in focused areas like business, human relationships, money, partnership etc…