Coaching in English

About Life Transformation Coaching
I provide coaching services in English in Japan for non-Japanese speaking persons.
I am certified coach of Dr. Tomabechi Coaching Program*.

Who is Coach Keiko?
Keiko is a professional coach as well as a business professional with
over 10 years of Marketing and General Management experiences.
After graduating from one of the top U.S. MBA programs, she’s managed
world-famous global brands in multi-national companies from the U.S.
and Europe.

Keiko is truly a global citizen.  She’s been to over 45 countries in 4 continents.
She’s studied in Spain, Mexico, and the U.S. and worked in the global organizations
teaming with people from various functions and countries while basing in Tokyo,
Kobe, and the U.S.

While going up the corporate ladder and increasing
her responsibilities in managing people and working with top managements,
she realized the importance of managing “mind” and fascinated by the
unlimited potentials that a human can have.  She had no doubt
that the Dr Tomabechi Coaching Program is the way to go and became
certified coach in 2015.
*Please see here for my cooperate career history

Personal Coaching Menu
Coaching information session (45 min): JPY15,000 inc. tax
*Casual conversation on coaching and know who Coach Keiko is.
No coaching will be conducted during this meeting.
Trial Coaching (1h): JPY100,000 inc. tax
3 months Coaching (3 sessions 1h each): JPY600,000 inc. tax
6 months Coaching (6 sessions 1h each): JPY1,200,000 inc. tax

Methodology: Face-to-face sessions as I value the power of face-to-face
Venue: Lounges at 5-star hotels in central Tokyo
*For people outside of Tokyo: I can travel to your city in Japan
with extra charge.  We can also discuss to meet outside of Japan.
e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore,
Note: Terms & Conditions and confidential agreement are concluded
for any coaching session menus (Trial, 3 sessions, and 6 sessions)

Please contact for further information

Corporate Coaching Menu
I can arrange programs according to your company’s needs.
Please contact.

What is Dr. Tomabechi Certified Coach?
Dr. Tomabechi Coaching Program is based on the world first coaching program
initiated by the father of coaching, Louis Tice.

In 1970s, Lou was high school teacher coaching school football team
in Washington.  He initially built a program to strengthen
mentality for his football students, which was adopted to
business settings and organizations and then proven to be successful
to enhance people’s performances.  Since then with over 45 years of history
in coaching, his principles have evolved as the authentic coaching programs
to manage one’s own mind to unleash unlimited potentials human-beings have.

Lou’s programs have been taken in widely among the Fortune Top500 companies
as well as government and community organizations, educations institutions,
and athletes.  For instance, Mark Schubert, the world famous American swim coach,
was the one who adopted this principle to his swimming coaching.
He has served as the USA’s Olympic Swimming Team coach
for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where Micheal Phelps won 8 gold medals.

In 2000s, Louis Tice invited the Cognitive Scientist, Dr. Hideto Tomabechi to
upgrade the principles by employing the cutting edge cognitive science.
The programs were reborn as new “TPIE” and “PX2”.  After Lou passed away
in April 2012, Dr. T. succeeded Lou’s heritage as the Great coach
and has been the leader of spreading these professional coaching programs
around the globe.